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Epiphyte for your right to party!

Epiphytes or air plants as they’re also called are plants that, as you might have guessed, grow in the air, void of any soil or potting materials. These unique plants can be placed on anything, anywhere in your home, and are super fun to grow.

The fact air plants can grow on anything, along with their fascinating shape and leaves make them an interesting conversation starter for any guests, too.

Air plants still need all the regular things plants need to survive, like sunlight and water, but they've adapted to live mostly in humid tropical environments, where the sun is filtered by a canopy and where they can draw their water from the moist air.

 To simulate these conditions at home, air plants are best placed in a bright spot with indirect light, or in direct light from a fluorescent lamp. They also love warmer temperatures and won’t handle a lot of cold days or nights.

When it's time for watering an air plant, you can either give it a nice long bath in a tub of fresh water every few weeks, or you can wet them with a mist sprayer every few days. Both methods work well and give your plants enough water to keep them happy.   

Air plants use their adapted root system to grab hold of a surface like a tree branch or a rocky wall.

Home gardeners can replicate this by using a mount like a piece of wood, cork, or a nice rock.

You can then hang this mount on a wall, on your fridge, or place it in another potted plant. You can also take it to the next level and place your air plants into a glass terrarium with other plants.

Air plants are popular and relatively easy to get your hands on from gardening stores, as well as growing your own from seeds. They also separate relatively easily, so if you have any friends interested in air plants, sharing is caring.

So get your hands on some seeds and raise your own air plants. You can then hang them up and have a fun, interesting house plant in no time float.

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