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‘Sup Bro?

Bromeliads are colourful, exotic, and fun plants that look great in a home garden.

They’re becoming increasingly popular as more people take a leaf of faith by bromeli-adding these great-looking plants to their collections.

Bromeliads are a type of epiphyte, a plant that grows on the surface of a larger plant and gets its moisture and nutrients from the air, rain, and debris around it. The most popular bromeliad in the world is the pineapple.

They’re often tubular or clump-shaped with strappy, patterned foliage. Bromeliads really come to the party though when they flower, with big showy long-lasting blooms. Their flowers come in colours ranging from blood red, through fluro pink and into bright yellows and oranges. 

Bromeliads really embrace the Bro lifestyle by being super tough and not needing any real attention to grow.

Depending on the variety, bromeliads can be grown indoors and outdoors in frost and snow-free regions. They’re absolutely suited to pots too, so you can always move outdoor plants inside during any cold snaps.

Because they’re epiphytes, you can mount them around the base of a tree, or some rocks. For indoor plants in pots or containers, you can mount them with a supporting piece of timber or a small rock, or have them sitting in a well-draining potting medium.

Remember, the roots are there to attach themselves to something and for balance, not for absorbing water or nutrients, so you can get away with placing them into poor soil conditions.

The shape of bromeliads means that they can collect water and store it in their natural vase where the leaves join together. Watering can be done easily by filling this up whenever it looks low.

 Depending on the species, you can also introduce some organic matter into the vase for them to get nutrients, but you’re best to look into the needs of whichever variety it is you have.

Generally speaking, bromeliads like dappled sun, and will burn off and wilt away in hot direct sun – Very un-bro like.

So if you fancy interesting, exotic and fun-looking plants with brilliant flowers in your home garden, branch out into some exotic plants by getting your hands on some bromeliad seeds for your home garden.   

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