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Germination of

Echeveria lilacina

Echeveria lilacina: Ghost Echeveria, Hens and Chicks, Mexican Snowball, White Mexican Rose, White Echeveria, Plush Plant, Hen and Chicks

Echeveria lilacina

Echeveria lilacina, also known as the ghost echeveria, is a small succulent with pale, powdery leaves. To propagate the plant, take stem cuttings that are 2-3 inches long and remove the leaves from the bottom third of the stem. Allow the cuttings to dry out for a day or two to allow the cut end to callus over. Plant the cuttings in a well-draining potting mix, burying the bottom third of the stem. Water the cuttings thoroughly and place them in a bright, warm location, but out of direct sunlight. The cuttings should root within 2-4 weeks. Once they have developed roots and new growth, they can be transplanted into individual pots.

Some of plants may have very have specific germination requirements that may not be covered in these general instructions. 

Many seeds require pre-treatment before sowing which we try to list here when we can, but this information may not be present here.  Germination times and germination temperatures are to be a guide only.  Many factors can DRASTICALLY affect this.


It's always a good idea to research the specific germination requirements from multiple sources for each plant before attempting to grow them from seed.

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