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Germination of

Hechtia tillandsioides

False Agave: Furcraea foetida (also known as Giant Cabuya or Mauritius Hemp)

Hechtia tillandsioides

Hechtia tillandsioides: To germinate Hechtia tillandsioides seeds, start by preparing a well-draining soil mix consisting of equal parts sand, perlite, and peat moss. Sow the seeds onto the soil mix and cover them with a thin layer of fine sand or grit. Keep the soil moist and place the container in a warm, brightly lit location with indirect sunlight. Keep the soil temperature around 20-25�C (68-77�F) for optimal germination. The seeds should germinate in approximately 2-3 weeks.

Some of plants may have very have specific germination requirements that may not be covered in these general instructions. 

Many seeds require pre-treatment before sowing which we try to list here when we can, but this information may not be present here.  Germination times and germination temperatures are to be a guide only.  Many factors can DRASTICALLY affect this.


It's always a good idea to research the specific germination requirements from multiple sources for each plant before attempting to grow them from seed.

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