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Premium Mushroom Plugs and Grow Kits in Canada

Discover a Variety of Delicious Mushroom Species with Ease

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Shiitake Mushroom Plugs & Products

Dive into the World of Mushroom Cultivation with Our Mushroom Growing Kits. Whether you're a Seasoned Enthusiast or a curious beginner, our kits offer a diverse selection of Mushroom Species, including Shiitake Mushroom plugs, Portobello Spore Plugs, and more. Our comprehensive kits provide everything you need to kickstart your Mushroom-Growing journey, from plugs to instructions. Start growing your own fresh, flavorful Mushrooms today 

Explore Our Variety of Mushroom Spore Plugs for Logs

Ultimate Grow Kits: Transform Your Space with Our Mushroom Products and Plug Spawn Solutions


Wide Selection

Explore our range of mushroom kits and spawn, including Shiitake mushroom plugs and Portobello spore plugs, perfect for enhancing any dish


Culinary Delights

Elevate your dishes with fresh and flavorful mushrooms grown from our high-quality plug spawn, ensuring a delicious culinary experience every time.


Easy Cultivation

Transform your kitchen into a mushroom haven effortlessly with our user-friendly growing kits, suitable for both beginners and experienced growers


Organic Excellence

Embrace sustainable mushroom cultivation with our premium mycelium products, promoting environmental responsibility without compromising on taste


Expert Guidance

Access our team of mushroom cultivation experts for personalized assistance and advice at every stage of your mushroom-growing journey.

Sustainable Practices


We are committed to environmentally friendly practices, ensuring that our mushroom cultivation process minimizes ecological impact while maximizing quality

Discover What Others Have to Say About Our Mushroom Mycelium

mushroom kits grow
Emma S

Since using these mushroom kits, my dishes have reached new heights! The variety is incredible, and the simplicity of the process is unmatched. Thank you for making mushroom cultivation accessible!

mushroom grow kit plug
Jake M

As a chef, quality ingredients are crucial. These mushroom kits have surpassed my expectations, providing fresh and flavorful mushrooms that enhance my dishes. My customers love them!

shiitake mushroom plugs
Sophie D

I've always been intrigued by mushroom cultivation but didn't know where to start. These kits made it easy! The mushroom plugs for logs were a game-changer, and with expert support, I felt confident throughout the process. 

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