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Rare Plants.

If you like your plants like I do my steak, then some un-be-leafable rare plants might be what you’re after.

Rare plants are those that you probably won’t find at your local nursery. This might be because they’re not a popular plant in your area, aren’t easy to grow, or are just a hard to come by species.

Lots of rare plants in your hometown, might be incredibly common somewhere else in the world. In the age of the internet, this means you can almost always find someone online who sells seeds or knows how to grow any plants you’re interested, meaning you can rear those rare plants at home.

Some rare plants that you might come across are plants like epiphytes, or air-plants.
These are plants that get their moisture and nutrients from their surrounds and don’t need to be rooted into soil. There’ll be no more epi-phyting for ground space in your gardens when you buy these seeds, as you can mount them on rocks, trees, or wooden fences.
Some epiphytes to investigate are bromeliads, stag horns, and tillandsia.

You could also find some carnivorous plants if you’re feeling adventurous. These hungry hungry houseplants catch and consume insects for their nutrients rather than absorbing them from their soil surrounds. Some carnivorous plants snap shut to catch their prey, and others use sticky substances that insects get stuck to.
Carnivorous plants you can get include Venus fly traps, sundews, and pitcher plants.

If you’re after a sharp looking rare plant, then some cactus could prickle your fancy.
Cacti are succulents that have evolved their leaves to be prickly spikes to both conserve moisture in their hot, arid environments, and to stop herbivores from eating them.
They might not have leaves, but cactus most definitely do flower. Cacti offer incredible colourful and attractive blooms, and some can produce delicious edible fruit!

Some cacti are a little temperamental, and a lot of home gardeners give them too much attention and fail the first time around. Buying some cactus seeds means that you can have a few goes at growing these great plants, because cactus makes perfect.

These are just some of the rare plants that are available to you. You’re no longer just limited to the rare South American pepper that makes your mouth cold; the chilly Chile Chilli, but instead can get plants from around the world.
Buying rare seeds and trying these plants at home can be a great and rewarding challenge and researching their needs and how to grow them can be a great hobby

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